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5 Reasons Why Your Leads May Not Be Getting Converted Into Sales

Every salesperson understands the pain of rejection. Sometimes, no matter how much time you spend and how much efforts you put, you wouldn’t have been able to convert those leads into sales. You might even remember those leads; but do you remember why they did not convert?

It is high time you learnt about the 5 common reasons why your leads may not be getting converted into sales. Once you understand these, you will be able to leave your competitors behind you.

Reason #1: You may be Wasting your Time on Dead Leads

One thing you need to focus on while converting leads is on the quality of leads and not on their quantity. Sometimes if a person just doesn’t want to buy the product you want to sell, he will not, no matter how much you try. You are only wasting your time here. It pays to discuss your requirements with a good lead generation firm that can give you exclusive and personalized leads that are easy to convert.

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Reason #2: You may be turning off your prospects

Being too salesy can turn off your prospects. If you want to convert your prospects try to empathize with them. Listen more than talking. Tone down that enthusiasm and adopt a personalized approach. Show them the value and focus on how you can help them fix their problems. This will help you engage them in your conversations.

Reason #3: You may not be asking enough questions

If you end up becoming too focused on what you have to offer, you will forget to ask those relevant questions that help you understand what your prospects are looking for. Understanding the key objectives of your prospects should be your main goal while selling. You have to ask all those questions that pertain to the objectives, challenges, budgets and decision-making processes of your prospects if you want to come up with the right answers.

Reason #4: You may be too focused on your price

You may think that price is the number one concern of your prospects; but it is not so. Price usually comes at the sixth, seventh or sometimes even the eighth place in the list of priorities of most of the prospects. Your focus instead has to be on the values that you can provide to help overcome his challenges. You will soon find out how those concerns about price start fading away.

Reason #5: You may not be asking for feedback

It is very important to find out how your prospect feels about your conversation. Feedback is the only thing that will tell you whether or not you are on the right track.

Make sure you concentrate on these things next time you talk to a lead. If there are any more reasons you stumble upon, make a list of them. They will be of use to you forever.

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