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Data and Aged leads

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Conversion-Rate-OptimizationA list of accurate compiled data and a few aged leads can prove to be very powerful to your business. Aged leads refer to those leads that have not been bought by any customer yet; these are the consumers who are waiting to be contacted by a sales person or a business. Compiled data refers to collection of accurate information about individual customers. Heritus can help you with both of these.


We, at Heritus Marketing Group LLC, have done a lot of research and put in a lot of efforts to collect details about individual customers which include their names, addresses, telephone numbers, email ids, the number of members in their families, purchase histories, credit histories and more. You can filter out the information that you require, analyze the compiled data, and come up with your own marketing strategies that can work wonders for your business.


A combination of aged leads and compiled data ensures that your marketing list would be filled with details of the best prospects. Using these two together would mean you will be able to market the best products of your business. Conversions are going to be a whole lot easier as these leads include people who are genuinely interested in your products. You can use any of your preferred marketing methods to contact these people. A cross reference can help you learn more about these leads as you can match up the compiled data and aged leads. This will help you come up with a more personalized approach to transform these ideal prospects into your clients.


Heritus Marketing Group LLC gives you only the best when it comes to data and aged leads. We take all the necessary measures to ensure the leads that we give you are verified, updated, personalized and exclusive for your business. Once you place your order, our telemarketers begin to call up each and every contact in the list to make sure the prospect is truly interested in your business. As soon as such an interest is confirmed, we mail you their details immediately for you to take the next step.


Top quality service at affordable pricing is what we focus upon while serving our customers. We, at Heritus Marketing Group LLC, sincerely believe that this is the only thing that is going to help us achieve absolute customer satisfaction.


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