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Direct Mail Solution

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mailDirect mailing refers to the technique of sending promotions and offers to new and existing customers through mail. This may include brochures, order forms, sales letters, magazines and even prepaid envelopes. Direct mailing is highly targeted as these mails will be sent to target audience whose contact details are bought from a direct marketing association such as Heritus.


As per the US Postal service, the results of a direct mail campaign can be easily measured. Since this is a highly individualized medium, you can address your consumers by their names. This will enhance the user experience which prompts them to actually buy your products. Apart from everything else, direct mailing campaigns can be very cost-effective. Also, the kind of flexibility this medium provides is incomparable.


Since ages direct mail has been a very powerful marketing medium for almost every business in the world. You will gain better results by combining digital channels of marketing with physical mail. These are more personalized, which is why the response that you get here is higher. However, producing direct mail pieces can pose quite a challenge for many businesses. Heritus can help you here.


Not every business would have in-line printing systems, inserters and skilled staff to design and print mails that can be attractive enough to lure the readers. Also, having your own in-house team for designing these mailers can prove expensive and time consuming. Heritus can offer you innovative direct mail solutions, in a cost-effective manner.


Our direct mail solutions are personalized for each and every client based on their specifications and preferences. Speed, accuracy, flexibility, quality and affordability are the factors we focus upon, in order to achieve absolute client satisfaction, which is our only goal at Heritus Marketing Group LLC. We always put our customers first, which is why many businesses and individuals choose to hire our services.


We handle various kinds of direct mailing needs such as:

  • Invoices
  • Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Hamper mail outs and gift boxes
  • Catalogues, Prospectuses and a lot more



Our team members at Heritus Marketing Group LLC are specialists in direct mail marketing and bulk mailing. Therefore, we can help you save a whole lot of money on stationery and postage too. We handle each and every step of direct mail campaigns such as printing, packing and posting the mails. You can save a whole lot of time and money by making Heritus your direct mailing partner and letting us organize your entire your entire direct mailing campaign.


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