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Privacy Policy

What information do we ask from our clients?

The information clients submit in the form of registering on our website or submitting forms is the only information we collect. Other than that, any information given out by a client on the phone with our call centers might be recorded in order to help us serve you better. Website traffic is tracked but the identify of the user is not tracked. Collecting information from website traffic like this is commonly called “nonpublic personal information”.

How do we use the information you give us?

Any information provided to us by a client is used to update the serves we provide in order to serve you better. Additionally, all of the information we collect is confidential. This confidential information is given out only in the case of legal issues and if they are asked for by a court of law.

Do we protect your personal information? How?

We keep a track of any information provided to us in secure databases. Employees do not gain access to this information unless he/she is working on a particular case. In such cases, the employee has access only to the amount of information required in order to provide you with the correct leads and hence serve you better. No information that we store is made public. However, in the case of legal issues if asked for by a court of law, the information will be made public. If at any point, there is known to be an error in the information provided, the client is required to file for a request for the update of this personal information in order for us to serve you better.


Cookies are utilized for us to efficiently track the usage and traffic on our website in order for us to make the necessary updates to serve you better.

Privacy Policy Changes

All changes in the privacy policy of this website will be made known to all clients via email. This communication will take place 30 days before the implementation of these changes. We treat the personal information we collect as highly sensitive, and confidential. Hence none of the information we collect is sold, traded or rented.