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Auto Insurance Leads

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Accidents do happen, but they won’t affect you that bad if you are covered financially.


Auto Insurance is something every car owner would need as it offers financial protection in case the vehicle happens to meet with an accident. Not only does this cover the damages of the vehicle, it also compensates for the injuries suffered by the drivers, pedestrians, passengers or their property. Not having auto insurance, not only destroys your peace of mind, it also forces you to pay a penalty as it is a legal requirement in almost all parts of the world.


As an Auto Insurance provider, you will have to contact the car owners exactly at the time when their auto insurances are about to expire. You will have to offer them competitive rates that will compel them to choose you over the other insurance providers. You will have to lure them through no-claim bonuses that can help them gain discounts on the premiums that they need to pay. We can help you by providing you with the details of the car owners in your area. However, you may have to work on the rest.


Heritus Marketing Group LLC is the place from where you can obtain comprehensive auto insurance leads that will give you contact details of all car owners in your area, with all information about their age, their location, the models of cars they own, their occupation, the expiry dates of their auto insurance policies and whether they have been convicted of motoring offences if any. You can filter these details according to your preferences. You can also use this information to decide on the premium rates so that you can convert these potential clients into opportunities that can increase your revenues.


We use sophisticated lead generation techniques and conduct extensive research to make sure we give our clients exactly what they need. We collect data through sources such as SEO, SEM, landing pages and opt-in leads. We have a huge database with all the details that you may ever need in order to market your auto-insurance plans.


As soon as we receive your call, our expert telemarketers start contacting each and every potential client to find out if they are interested in renewing their auto insurance. Once they get the confirmation from the clients the leads will be sent to you immediately. It is our sincere endeavor to provide you leads that are absolutely exclusive, personalized, updated and verified.


With Heritus Marketing Group LLC as your lead generation partner, you are sure to achieve all your business goals!