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Auto Warranty Leads

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Auto Warranty is something every person looks for while buying a car. It takes care of the wear and tear


Heritus Auto warranty leads


that is normal for every car. Almost all Car Manufacturers / distributors / dealers give extended auto-warranties when they sell brand new cars. However, when it comes to buying a used car, you will hardly find cars that come with auto-warranty. This is where you, as an auto warranty insurance providing company, come into the picture.


As an auto warranty insurance providing company, you may have to get in touch with all used car dealers, car brokers, auto-financing companies, people looking to buy used cars and maybe even car owners who are looking at selling their used cars, in your area. However, you may have to spend a lot of time and money to collect such details and verify them. We can make things really easy for you by giving you auto-warranty leads that contain all these details. All you need to do is come up with the right marketing strategies to convert these leads into sales.


We, at Heritus Marketing Group LLC, have a huge database of auto warranty leads that contains contact details of used car dealers, auto-financing companies, car owners who wish to sell their used cars, people who are looking to buy used cars and car brokers.All these leads are completely verified and updated by our team members. You can filter these leads as per your preferences. Our pricing is absolutely affordable and we believe in giving you accurate data in a timely manner.


The lead generation techniques that we use are supposedly the best ones in the industry and the kind of research we carry out in order to provide verified and updated data to our clients, has made us the best choice for many companies and individuals. Once you tie up with us, we put in all efforts to understand your credentials and send you only those leads that will perfectly match your requirements. We ensure you waste absolutely no money or time on leads that are irrelevant or immaterial.


We start work as soon as we receive your call. We have a team of dedicated telemarketers who are very quick in contacting potential customers and establishing matched leads. We give you the leads immediately after our telemarketers have done their job so that you can convert these potential customers into sales. We do this on a case-to-case basis so that you get leads that are not only personalized and genuine, but also exclusive.


Your satisfaction alone is our goal!