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Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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Generally when it comes to Merchant Cash Advance Leads, most agents tend to loose a lot of time on uninterested customers. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a list of prospective customers at hand. This is usually done by having sales people make good relations with companies until they are ready to buy but this is time consuming. At Heritus Marketing Group LLC we do all this before hand to save you time while providing the best quality leads.


Our sales team develops a list of Merchant Cash Advance leads and concentrates more on selling hence making the job more effective. Therefore, partnering with us is the best idea in order to let your business grow. Our leads provide leads including:

  • Contact information.
  • Credit card sales volume.
  • Length of time in business.



All our leads are found by the most effective techniques. Our clients are made to complete online questionnaires that help us select appropriate clients. Once all details are collected they are passed on to you. All leads are either real time leads or aged leads coming from highly targeted websites.


Getting loans and working capital in order to start a business or expand an existing business is getting harder these days due to the tightening of commercial credit markets. With a growing number of Merchant Cash Advances that are available, it becomes easier for businesses to get fast and reliable loans. All Leads are put through strict verification processes to ensure all information is genuine.


Once our leads are verified, we give them to you in real time. As part of our verification process, we at Heritus Marketing Group LLC make sure of the following:

  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Immediate real time delivery.
  • Verified leads.
  • The best lead management software.



At Heritus Marketing Group LLC, our experts offer you the best leads in the industry making sure the integrity of the leads are never compromised. All leads provided are sure to match your personalized preferences and are filtered by our world-class lead management systems.