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Merchant Cash Advance Packages With Applications

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A merchant cash advance is essentially an advance given in the form of cash with a very small amount of approval time. Merchant cash advances are usually approved of and given in one or two days. Apart from the ease of approval, the paperwork required to get such an advance is pretty simple. However, the fee along with the payback amount is usually very high ranging from anything between 15%-80% of the amount borrowed.



We at Heritus Marketing Group LLC understand the importance of finding the right merchant cash advance packages in order for your business to have the money to function efficiently without having to fall into debts when the time comes to payback. Therefore, we provide our clients with genuine leads along with applications for these merchant case advances.



Our leads are extremely fast and are transferred immediately from our telemarketers to the clients in order to save both time and money. We help our clients with getting the applications and filling them in order to have access to merchant cash advances. Additionally, we provide our clients with more personalized services by taking additional information from customers in order for us to find them more appropriate, genuine merchant cash advances.



We understand how highly competitive the market has become these days and therefore we understand the need for a business to stand out and leave their own mark in the market. Getting an edge over competitors in the market is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we understand the importance of taking loans for different businesses. Understanding your work better helps us find you the correct leads instead of wasting time on inappropriate leads.



In order to gain more information on how our merchant cash advance packages and applications, our customer service executives can be contact at any time via phone or email.